Frequently Asked Questions

How long does shipping take? (Estimated)

  • Standard Shipping
    • Shipping to Europe: 3-10 days.
    • Shipping to outside Europe: 10-40 days.
  • Expedited Shipping
    • Shipping to Europe: 1-6 days.
    • Shipping to outside Europe: 2-7 days.

When will we ship your order?

  • We usually ship the orders in one day, but we can ensure that all orders will be shipped latest in 5 business days of payment received.

How long is the warranty on these products?

  • We offer a one-year limited warranty for standard use.
  • Made from strong durable materials that are safe for food use and the dishwasher the CinniBird and the HocuSpoon are a solid, long lasting, and well made kitchen utensils.
  • Our products meet many safety and manufacturing standards.

Who is the manufacturer of CinniBird and HocuSpoon?

  • The company behind Cinnibird Spice Pen and HocuSpoon is OLIARTS Studio Bt.
  • We design, manufacture, assemble and test every piece of these products in Hungary/Europe.

Where are we located and where do we ship from?

  • We are located in Budapest/Hungary/Europe.
  • Our products are 100% made in Europe.
  • We always ship from Europe.
  • Warning! We never ship from China. Beware of fake copies.

Prices do not include VAT.